How to reset wordpress login password via cPanel

Forgetting wordpress dashboard login detail can be frustrating, especially if you can not remember the backup email that you used to reset the password. Do not worry, you can simply reset the  wordpress login password via cPanel.

Step 1: Find the database name

In order to reset the password, we need to find out the database name where the user information is stored. To do that, Login to cpanel  and Select File Manager from Files sections.


On  leftside panel,click on Public_html directory . You will now see all the files and folders in sides the public_html directory on the right side. Select wp-config.php file and select edit option from the tool bar.

Look for a section where it says ‘Mysql-settings’. You need to look for the database name.  You can see an example in the following picture. ( I have removed the database name from the picture)

Once you make a note of the database name, close the editor without saving. Close the file manager.

Step 2: Access Database

Go to Databases  and click on phpMyAdmin in cPanel.

It will open up a new window.

On the left side of the phpMyAdmin window, you will see all the  databases  that are associated with your cPanel account. Expand the database that is used for your wordpress site, the one you got it from the previous step.  Click on the ‘+’ sign to expand it.

Step 3: Find the user name and Alter the table

Click on the wp-users table and it will appear something similar to the following picture. 

You can see all the wordpress users and their associated information on the table. Click on the edit button to edit the desired user information.

Once you click on the edit button, opened window should be looking something similar to the following one.

As you see in the picture, password is stored in the user_pass section is in  a hashed format , not in plain text. This is good for security reasons.

Step 5: Generate a new hashed password.

Go to this site  and enter new password in the password box  and click on the generate button to generate a hashed password.

Step 6: Update new password

Copy the hashed value from the previous step and paste it in to the ‘Value’ column of the user_pass row. Do not forget to erase previous hashed password before you paste.

Click Go button.

Thats it!!. You can now go back to your wordpress admin login page and use the new password.

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