Plastic: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Save the Earth for the Next Generation

Our planet earth is dying. Several reasons are leading to it: such as increased plastic usage, high resource consumption, and global warming, etc. We all are familiar with all of these issues and the majority of us would like to ignore reality.  We are not too late to save our planet from tragic destruction. Small steps can be taken by every individual and/or from his house. In this article, I am sharing what steps my wife and I have taken as a starting point. 

  1. Reduced Plastic Usage: 

           The first thing we have done was to use recycled environment-friendly shopping bags. Our goal was to stop getting one-time usage plastic bags from grocery shops, clothing stores or anything in that matter. We bought several sizes of recycled, reusable bags and kept one or two in both of our cars and even in the purses.  During our grocery shopping, we tend to avoid buying plastic material as much as we can. For example, we decided not to buy eggs that are packed in plastic containers. During the kitchenware shopping, we try to buy Eco-friendly materials such as compostable plates and bowls, trash and storage bags, utensils and food containers, etc. All these kitchen wares can be purchased from trusted online stores. They may seem a little expensive but for the long run, totally worth spending a little extra. 

    2. Recycle Plastic Materials:

   Recycling plastic is the biggest challenge we have faced. Recently, many stores have taken a step to collect plastic bags for recycling. They place these containers close to the exit or entrance doors or any anywhere it is visible. We found that large plastic materials, electronic devices, glass materials, and cardboard boxes can be recycled at city halls or close by recycling stores. Simple online research was good enough for that. 

   3.  Reduce Power Usage: 

      Energy efficient light bulbs reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So replacing regular high volt bulbs with energy efficient ones were the next step. We always turn off the lights when we do not need them or when we go out. 

  4. Do Not Waste Water: 

     Another big challenge for us. But it was achievable through constant practices and reminders. We tried to save water during dishwashing and brushing. Place a note on the kitchen wall or on the bathroom mirror to keep it consistent. 

       These are the small practices we do as an individual or as a family. We also tell others and encourage them to do the same or even more. Joining volunteering services and planting trees are the next tasks on our to-do list. We, humans, are the most dangerous things to the planet. The earth does not need us, but we need it!. One reminder that we always need to keep it in our mind!!


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